WOODWORM (Deluxe Edition) (72 Pages) (Paperback)

(Includes 3D Book Cover, Postcards, and 3D Glasses)  

A major theme throughout Duggan’s book concerns how the state of innocence, that period of human curiosity and exploration, degrades into the crass sensibility of materialism and not the intelligent evolutionary path leading from innocence to wisdom via Blake’s road of excess…..Duggan’s provocative book hints at Diogenes who has scoured the streets of humanity looking for honest men while succumbing to the grim reality of woodworms gobbling away the foundation of humanity before our very amnesia.
~Alan Britt, Crossing the Walt Whitman Bridge, Towson University

A deconstruction of modern complacency, its lexicon is deeply raw, fierce, succinct and intensely engaged with our world. As a poetic visionary he queries and warns with piercing intelligence, revealing a space of truth behind the fake frontispiece of lies we live in, I feel his new collection ‘Woodworm’ is the epic poem of truth our century is missing. 
Maria Castro Dominguez; Poet & Writer                  

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