"Woodworm is Alive"

Deluxe 3D Editions Now Available

Deluxe 3D Editions

Woodworm (Deluxe Editions)

" Come Inside and remove the bark 
   from the tree of life,
   reveal the ultimate truth
  to our post-truth ills"  

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This new collection from Matt Duggan 
has sixty new poems Full 3D Book-cover, (includes Artwork)
Free 3D Glasses & 3D postcards..... 

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Deluxe 3D Editions

Matt Duggan casts an acerbic eye on the “world of masks” that “waits outside the door” and warns, “we are building our own prisons” in the “Post-Truth Age.” Rough-tongued commentaries and haunting landscapes carry Woodworm into a new register that dares invoke nostalgia with a restrained and melancholy palette. Andrea Moorhead; Poet & Editor of Osiris Poetry Journal & Director of Deerfield Academy Press

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The New Full Poetry Collection by Matt Duggan published by Hedgehog Poetry Press



£12.00 (U.K.) £16.50 (U.S) £16.50 (EU & Rest of the World)
(Includes Post & Packing)

BUY Woodworm 3D (Hedgehog Poetry press)


Born in Bristol U.K. in 1971

Matt Duggan started writing poetry when he was around 14 or 15 years old and started to submit some poems, getting them accepted in journals and magazines with poems accepted in the late 1980's and early 1990’s in journals such as 'The Ugly Tree', 'Connections', 'Outlaw', 'The Seventh Quarry', 'Carillon', Matt started organising his own poetry events hosting regular nights to support and inspire the local poetry scene in Bristol, which started with an event called ‘An Evening of Spoken Indulgence’ held at Hydra Bookshop, an anarchist bookshop in central Bristol, this event ran from 2013 -2016 and was followed by other events such as ‘Page and Performance’ and ‘Verse’, Matt hosted these events with no funding from 2013 – 2018.

In 2015 Matt entered the Erbacce Prize for Poetry Competition with his first full collection of poems Dystopia 38.10 (erbacce-press) which was a free competition to enter and won the competition from well over 5,000 entries, he also won the first Into the Void Poetry Prize in 2016, his work has been including in various journals across the world that include The Journal, Into the Void, A Restricted View from Under the Hedge, Harbingers Asylum, Osiris, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Marble Poetry Magazine, Algebra of Owls, The High Window, Black Light Engine Room, Eyeflash Poetry Magazine, Midnight Lane Boutique, Graffiti, Prole, The Fat Damsel, Confluence, Anapest Journal, Dodging the Rain, London Grip Magazine, Proletarian Poetry, in 2017, Matt became a core member at Erbacce Press where he helps read for their annual poetry competition, organised events and interviews various poets from around the world for their Journal. Matt has read his work in many venues in the U.K. in Greece, Poetry on the Lakes in Orta, Italy, toured the U.S.A. reading in Boston, New York, and read at his first U.S. book launch in Philadelpia reading from the publication of two of his chapbooks ‘One Million Tiny Cuts’ (Clare Song Birds Publishing House) and a 'Season in Another World' (Thirty West Publishing House).
His second full collection ‘Woodworm’ (DELUXE EDITIONS) (3D) is published by (Hedgehog Poetry Press)
and is now available for pre-sales.


WOODWORM (Hedgehog Poetry Press)


Woodworm is the new full collection by Matt Duggan which 
includes sixty new poems separated into two sections, 
with a full 3D Book Cover, artwork, and 3D postcards, 


DELUXE 3D COPIES £12.00 (U.K) £16.50 (U.S.) £16.50 (EU & Rest of World)



WOODWORM (Deluxe Edition) (72 Pages) (Paperback)

(Includes 3D Book Cover, Postcards, and 3D Glasses)  

A major theme throughout Duggan’s book concerns how the state of innocence, that period of human curiosity and exploration, degrades into the crass sensibility of materialism and not the intelligent evolutionary path leading from innocence to wisdom via Blake’s road of excess…..Duggan’s provocative book hints at Diogenes who has scoured the streets of humanity looking for honest men while succumbing to the grim reality of woodworms gobbling away the foundation of humanity before our very amnesia.
~Alan Britt, Crossing the Walt Whitman Bridge, Towson University

A deconstruction of modern complacency, its lexicon is deeply raw, fierce, succinct and intensely engaged with our world. As a poetic visionary he queries and warns with piercing intelligence, revealing a space of truth behind the fake frontispiece of lies we live in, I feel his new collection ‘Woodworm’ is the epic poem of truth our century is missing. 
Maria Castro Dominguez; Poet & Writer                  

£12.00 (U.K) £16.50 (U.S.) £16.00 (Outside U.K.)